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Reclaim Your Birth Space

Does hospital decor leaves you feeling  anxious and scared about labour and birth?

We understand. And we worked with midwives and health professionals to create products to add colour and comfort.

Through community, resources and education we help make your birth beautiful.

Here are some of our recent blog posts…

Creating An Indigenous Hospital Birth Setting

Rebecca Clarke from the Midwifery Group Practice had experienced first hand the attitudes and fears of hospitals held by some of the local community. Rebecca was supporting a young mother throughout her pregnancy in the community when the therapeutic relationship...

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The Birth Story Of Dara Part 1

The story of Dara (Part 1) On the 12th of January, 2019, I was 12 days past my due date, and much to my dislike, I had agreed to be booked for a AROM (Artifical Rupture of Membranes-Break my waters) two or three days after that. Although the last thing I said to the...

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Choosing a Maternity Photographer

Blooming Under The Jacarandas by Tulip Flare Photography When I contacted Tenille at Tulip Flare Photography about photographing under the jacarandas (yes I was THAT specific) she gave me a really clear outline of how the process would happen, what to expect on the...

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Bond With Your Bump- Preventing Stillbirth

Baby Movements & Bonding With Your Bump Can Help Prevent Stillbirth Knowing your babies movements helps to identify any change in pattern and can help prevent stillbirth.  "My baby isn't moving as much today" or "my baby is going crazy in there" both of these...

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13 Pregnancy Milestone Records You Will Treasure

13 Pregnancy Milestone Records You Will Treasure Let's face it, you won't be pregnant forever and most of us only do it a few times. Recording this special time and tracking your progress can be quick and simple or a bit more involved if you've got the time and...

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Brooke’s Homebirth-Axel Leo- From Conception To Birth

Soon after our first born, Elanor, turned 2, we started planning the extension of our family. We decided November would be the first month we'd try to conceive and I spent a few months prepping for this. I increased my iron and other vitamins, and got Paul, my...

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Comfort, softness and warmth

“The birthing comfort kit is such a wonderful product. A hospital delivery suite can be so intimidating and foreign. The comfort, softness and warmth the comfort kit provides takes this clinical edge off, allowing a labouring mother to feel more relaxed and empowered.”

Sally Dobson | Australia

Registered Nurse

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Can I use these products in hospital?

Yes! And your midwife will love them.

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What are Birth Affirmations?

Birth Affirmations replace negative feelings and fears with positive uplifting thoughts.

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The pillow and throw were very comforting in the lead up to and during the birth of my little one. The affirmation cards were great, they kept me focused through a drug free natural birth.The midwives and even my OB commented on how fab they were!

Eileen McNally | Australia

I bought the affirmation cards for my best friend, because I was going to be overseas during the birth of her first child (whose labour and birth I was meant to attend). She used the cards at home when labour first started, then took them to the hospital too. She mentioned how good they were at helping her get through the labour and apparently all of the midwives loved them too. It was so great to be able to share some encouraging words with my friend, even if I couldn’t be there in person to give them.

Emma Hunt | Australia