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Janet Purcell

Janet Purcell

Birth Advocate | Registered Nurse |Birth Environment Designer

Janet Purcell of Birthplace is a positive birth advocate and doula who has set out to change how we birth in Australia. With a background in healthcare and a great love of birth and pregnancy, she’s committed to fostering creativity, support, celebration and confidence in how women birth.
Birthplace creates and curates the best birthing resources to give women the confidence and comfort essential to a positive birth experience.

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 Practical & Evidenced Based Information Blogs

Heal After Birth – Perineal Care

Heal After Birth – Perineal Care

A sitz bath is a warm, therapeutic bath used to heal and cleanse the area around the perineum (the space between the genitals and anus). It can be especially useful following vaginal birth and tearing/episiotomy to aid healing and reduce discomfort. Sitz was originally called a Hip Bath where a vessel was filled with cold water to waist height. It was originally thought to have been offered in 1842 Europe to alleviate lower abdominal discomfort. The term “Sitz Bath” comes from the German word for “seat”.

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Choosing A Birth Support | Must Have Qualities

Choosing A Birth Support | Must Have Qualities

Choosing a Birth Support- Is everyone welcome?Not everyone deserves to be with you for birth. There I said it. Just because you've always promised your bestie, doesn't mean they are the right person to support you. Just because your Mom told everyone she'd be there,...

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The Birth Enviroment Creator |Birthplace

Homebirth in hospital Birthplace

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Comfort, softness and warmth

“The birthing comfort kit is such a wonderful product. A hospital delivery suite can be so intimidating and foreign. The comfort, softness and warmth the comfort kit provides takes this clinical edge off, allowing a labouring mother to feel more relaxed and empowered.”

Sally Dobson | Australia

Registered Nurse

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Can I use these products in hospital?

Yes! And your midwife will love them.

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What are Birth Affirmations?

Birth Affirmations replace negative feelings and fears with positive uplifting thoughts.

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The pillow and throw were very comforting in the lead up to and during the birth of my little one. The affirmation cards were great, they kept me focused through a drug free natural birth.The midwives and even my OB commented on how fab they were!
Eileen McNally | Australia

I bought the affirmation cards for my best friend, because I was going to be overseas during the birth of her first child (whose labour and birth I was meant to attend). She used the cards at home when labour first started, then took them to the hospital too. She mentioned how good they were at helping her get through the labour and apparently all of the midwives loved them too. It was so great to be able to share some encouraging words with my friend, even if I couldn’t be there in person to give them.
Emma Hunt | Australia

I acknowledge and pay my respects to the traditional owners of the land I live on, the Quandamooka people. I honour and respect their elders past, present and emerging for their protection of the sacred lands and waterways. With deep gratitude and love. 

Art by Jill Delaney- Mirigan Art | Quandamooka artist and mother 

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