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Pregnancy Milestones You’ll Love to Treasure |Birthplace

Let’s face it, you won’t be pregnant forever and most of us only do it a few times. Recording this special time and tracking your progress can be quick and simple or a bit more involved if you’ve got the time and patience. Here’s a lot of ways to honour your pregnancy and create memories you’ll treasure in time to come.

Choosing a Maternity Photographer | My personal experience

You wouldn’t ask an artist to paint your house would you? It’s just the same with photographers! Every photographer has a particular type of photography that they really enjoy. It common for maternity photographers to be passionate about birth and newborn photography too. Each type of photography has a separate set of skills for example posing a newborn to compliment every tiny detail is very different to posing a pregnant women to accentuate her curves and bump. All maternity photographers will have a portfolio for you to browse also.