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Welcome to Birthplace,

I’m Janet the Creator/Owner at Birthplace and I’m also a registered nurse of 20 years, a birth and postpartum doula and my most favourite role is Mom to Miss 8 & Mr 4.

Birthplace was born the year after my first birth experience.

Our beautiful girl did not receive the homebirth memo and instead decided to arrive at hospital. I remember standing on the lawn outside my house while my husband scrambled to pack the car. I had never been to the hospital during pregnancy, so I was going to a completely new place (at 8 cm’s dilated no less). The room was huge, purpose built for birth but it wasn’t cosy or familiar to me. I had a moment during labour where I suddenly understood the huge impact a change of environment could have on the birth process.

Following her birth, I spent a lot of time thinking ( and talking) about how I could create a homely place to birth within a hospital setting. What elements would have adapted the environment to support physiological birth. I identified aromatherapy, battery operated lighting, birth affirmations and imagery and other comfort measures as integral to feeling comfortable and safe.

There is also a lot research that shows that women that birth in a “home-like” environment are less likely to require intervention, show greater maternal satisfaction and experience higher breastfeeding rates. (Cochrane review: Home-like versus conventional institutional settings for birth). Creating an environment to birth in as an important part of your birth plan.

By the time my next birth rolled around I was ready to quickly, safely and easily adapt the hospital birth environment to make me feel calm, relaxed and confident in decision making around my birth.

In the past 6 years, Birthplace has developed and sourced products that support positive experiences during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. All of these products add value are underpinned by testimony, helpful information and input from birth professionals.

The most common thing I hear people say when they hear about Birthplace is “ I wish I knew about you when I had my babies!”. I’m so proud to support positive experiences through resources, community, and services.

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