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Janet Purcell | Birthplace

Hello! I’m Janet Purcell Creator/Owner at Birthplace, Passionate Birth Nerd and personal assistant to a very boisterous 6 yr old and support crew to a 16 month old. I’m also a registered nurse but my true love is Birthplace.

Birthplace came to exist following a change of location during our home birth. Our beautiful girl did not receive the memo and decided to arrive at hospital instead.I remember standing on the lawn outside my house while my husband scrambled to pack the car. I remember feeling the grass under my feet and understanding that my baby would not be born at home. I had never been to the hospital during my pregnancy so I was going to a completely new place (while 8 cm’s dilated). The car journey was uncomfortable and my best efforts at staying inside my self was interrupted by forms and admission paperwork. The room was huge and purpose built but it wasn’t cozy or familiar to me.

As a nurse, I am very comfortable in a hospital setting.I have grown accustomed to the environment and can no longer detect that “hospital smell”. Mind you, that’s taken me 15 years.

It occurred to me that this is not the case for many women and that a change of surroundings while labouring can have an negative effect on the stages of labour.

There is research that shows that women that birth in a “home-like” environment are less likely to require intervention, show greater maternal satisfaction and experience higher breastfeeding rates. (Cochrane review: Home-like versus conventional institutional settings for birth).

So how do you create a home-like environment to birth in? Easy. Read our blog here 

Surround yourself with familiar, cosy sentimental things. This is where we come in. This was the inspiration for The Birthplace Comfort Kit. Check it out here 

Yes, our products are beautiful but they also work in a very special way. Our products use Birth Affirmations, which are words and phrases that bring focus and direction to labouring women.

Want some free birth affirmations? Sign up here 

Create Your Birth Place, make yourself at home in hospital.