5 Must Ask Questions For Your Doula

5 Must Ask Questions For Your Doula So you’d like a doula to support you for birth? Well, you’re already heading down the right track for a supported and informed birth. Next you need to find YOUR DOULA! There’s a few ways to start your search. You...

The Dilation Station | Toilets And Labour

During labour our bodies will naturally try to make room for baby. This may have you running (ok..more of a shuffle) towards the toilet as you may experience episodes of diarrhoea or needing to empty your bowels. It also a good idea to ask to be reminded to wee during labour as a full bladder can leave a little less room for baby to descend. So ultimately… more room in your bowels leaves more room for baby. If your waters have broken and you’re leaking constantly then sitting on the loo makes practical sense too.

Pushing For Birth | When And How

Ok, so confession time. When I was pregnant with my first baby I assumed “pushing” was just a part of birth and you couldn’t go wrong. Now technically, you can’t go wrong but I probably would have still assumed my midwife knew more about pushing than I did. I now know that in fact, some women don’t push AT ALL and I know more about pushing a baby out of my body than anyone else on the planet! And actually there may be complications if you hand over the pushing to the midwife.

Postpartum Doula | What do they do?

Most people don’t know what a postpartum doula does but EVERYONE says “oh I wish I had that when my baby was born”. A Calm and confident postpartum doesn’t just happen. It takes resources, planning and excellent communication. A postpartum doula is a great way to outsource the preparation process and ensure you feel supported and relaxed. Read more…..

Choosing A Birth Support | What You Need To Consider

Not everyone deserves to be with you for birth. There I said it.
Just because you’ve always promised your bestie, doesn’t mean they are the right person to support you. Just because your Mom told everyone she’d be there, doesn’t mean she should be. Even your partner, Bear with me….If your partner is anxious about birth, they need to get informed and confident quickly or they may change the course of your birth.

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