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Baby Movements & Bonding With Your Bump Can Help Prevent Stillbirth

Knowing your babies movements helps to identify any change in pattern and can help prevent stillbirth. 

“My baby isn’t moving as much today” or “my baby is going crazy in there” both of these scenarios need to be checked out by a health professional.

I recently came across a brochure produced by Still Aware.Org. They are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of stillbirth. They are an amazing source of information which seems to be offered as standard to mothers in other countries yet not as freely in Australia.

The most frightening part of the brochure for me was the “myths about movement” section.

Every week I see a post on social media that says “my baby hasn’t moved much today, is that normal?” and everytime I see a response that says “oh yes they run out of room /that happened to me and my baby was fine/drink something cold”

Still Aware busted this myth as UNTRUE! 


Do Babies Run Out Of Room? NO! 

Babies movements do not slow because they are “running out of room” Any change in your babies movement should be investigated by your health care provider. You are the only connection your baby has to medical assistance and if your gut is telling you something is wrong you must do something.

They also busted this myth… Is an increase in movements a good sign? A slow increase in movements probably indicates your baby is getting healthy and strong but a sudden increase, particularly if you feel the baby going “crazy” should be immediately checked out with your care provider.


Be Still… Be Aware…. Bond with your bump. Mothers become aware of their babies movements generally between 16-24  weeks but often sooner in subsequent pregnancies.

Still Aware suggest choosing a time each day to focus on your baby’s movements. Count and cherish the kicks, bumps and rolls are they happen. Any change in your baby’s movements or if you feel like something isn’t right, call your health provider. Maternity hospitals are open 24:7 and you may be asked to come in to check your baby is well by doing an ultrasound or monitoring the baby’s heartbeat. Trust your instincts.

Every 4 hours in Australia a family experiences stillbirth and while the last thing I want to do is to frighten or worry you more, counting your baby’s movements can potentially prevent stillbirth. Studies in Norway, NZ and Scotland found a large decrease in the incidence of stillbirth by adopting such programs. One stillborn baby is too may.

And hey! do me a favor and pinky promise me you’ll comment “CALL YOUR MIDWIFE” next time you see a post on a change in baby movements on social media. 

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