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Birth, Breastfeeding and Baby Online Resources

Birth Resources and Options
Considering a Homebirth? Check out Homebirth Australia

Wanting a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section) Click here

Australian Doula College

Looking for a doula to support your birth?  or

Brisbane & Gold Coast Based Independent Midwives (Highly Recommended by me 😉 )

Searching for an Independent Midwife for your birth

The Positive Birth Movement is a global network of support and information, find your local group here

Maternity Care Options in QLD

Evidence-Based Current Birth & Pregnancy Information (Most of the information I share comes from these sites)

Searching for a placenta encapsulator

Breastfeeding Support

Australian Breastfeeding Helpline Call 24:7    1800 686 268

Australian Breastfeeding Association

Australian Breastfeeding Online Resources Shop

Niplashed. | Breastfeeding Support, Resources and Products

Find your local ABA Group (do this during pregnancy so you have a familiar face when bub arrives)

Need an IBCLC

Tongue Tie Information and support

Multiple Births Resources
Birth Trauma Support
Continence Support and Information

Did you have a negative birth experience? Birth Talk can help you heal

Feeling not quiet yourself? Trying to work out if its normal? PANDA can help

Mental Health in Pregnancy & Birth

Premature Birth & Premmy Babies Support
Nepean Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Support

Miracle Babies Foundation Australia

National Premmy Foundation

Premature Birth Resources

Australian Premmy Nappies

Baby Wearing
Brooke is an amazing resource on babywearing, she can support you and your family at any stageof your baby wearing journey
Pregnancy Resources
QLD Government Pregnancy Information

Red Nose Austraila SIDS & SUDI Information and Resources

Download your RedNose Guide to Setting up a Safe Nursery Click Here