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A Calm & Connected Pregnancy

Congratulations Mama, 

What an exciting time! You’ve just entered into a life phase that you will be transformed. Physically, emotionally and mentally, you will grow and change as your baby grows too. This is a phase, something that we will get to experience for a few month, a few times in our lives if we choose. And with phases, they pass and sooner than you think your baby will be snuggled against your chest and you won’t remember what life was life before you loved them. 

Pregnancy is a time for preparation. It’s not just a time to prepare for birth, that’s just one day in your journey. It’s a time to connect with your baby and honor and love the amazing ability of your body. Your body listens to what you tell it, now is the time to gain confidence in your ability as a birther and a mother. YOU were born to do this. You are perfectly designed to do this. 

I remember reading an affirmation quote that said “With every breath, I send my baby love” 

Every breath you take send oxygen rich blood around your body and across the placenta to your baby. It is incredible. And we do it without a second thought. 

A lot of conversations during pregnancy are based on the names you’ll choose, setting up the nursery and lots of them are fear based too. “Wait until I tell you what happened me in birth….” You can avoid some of it but i think its important to counteract that negative noise with positive words, feelings and thoughts. 

Sounds hard eh? It’s not. It is a couple of minutes a day that you dedicate to your baby. A couple of conscious breaths you send to your baby and a few kind words to yourself and your body. Start with Bloom Mama | Pregnancy Affirmations and begin to fill your mind with positive quotes and thought while your baby fills your belly.

Pregnancy also a time to start thinking about how you’d like to be supported by healthcare providers and by your family. We post regularly on our Facebook page so pop over there too. 

If you’re feeling queasy and can’t quiet shake the morning sickness have a read of this blog I wrote while pregnant and what worked for me. Read more here. 

I was a smoothie junkie during pregnancy and found it easy to squash in healthy food fast. Here’s 5 of my favourite recipes that are easy to make and easy on your tummy. Gimme those recipes!

 Happy Pregnancy Mama,

We’re here for you.

Janet x