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Dates For An Easier Labour- The Benefits of Dates

Traditionally dates have been used for centuries to prepare for labour and now we have research to back it. While we don’t know exactly how it works it is thought that dates have an oxytocin-like effect on the body, leading to increased sensitivity of the uterus. They stimulate uterine contractions and reduce postpartum haemorrhage, the way oxytocin does. Read on..

Planning A Positive Caesarean Birth? Here’s the top tips!

If you are planning a positive cesarean birth, thanks to social media you have most likely heard of gentle c-sections and mother assisted cesarean. In all of these cases, the birthing mother was offered her options and her preferences were supported and included where possible.Planned or unexpected you can have input on your caesarean birth. Planning the “what ifs” of birth is important, it may happen and if it does is good to know your preferences.