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Maternity Photoshoot Jacarandass
Blooming Under The Jacarandas by Tulip Flare Photography

When I contacted Tenille at Tulip Flare Photography about photographing under the jacarandas (yes I was THAT specific) she gave me a really clear outline of how the process would happen, what to expect on the day and reassured me that despite me worrying that I wouldn’t fit into the maternity dress that not only would I fit but that I’d look amazing too. I’m so pleased I have beautiful photos to remember my pregnant body- Janet x

Choosing a photographer for a maternity photo shoot is daunting. Here’s 6 tips to consider…

  1. Personal recommendations (but also ask to see the pics 😉 ) Your friend much be completely in love with her maternity shoot and may highly recommend someone to you BUT unless you love her pics you may be disappointed. If someone in you area comes highly recommended then follow me to point 2…
  2. Follow your photographer on social media. Make notes of places they photograph that you love, a particular dress the have or even the way they pose their clients.
  3. Love their style- Each photographer has a unique style that they love to shoot so if you want moody seductive photographs and your photographers style is light and boho… You may have an issue. Choose someone that has a style similar to yours.
  4. Budget– There’s an old saying ” You get what you pay for” well mostly this is true in photography. Photography is someones job, they pay bills with said job so probably won’t appreciate bargaining. When you pay for a photographer you pay for more than the 45 mins they peer through the lens at you. You pay for the hours editing and the years it took for them to become THAT GOOD. You may find someone that is trying to build a portfolio or is new to the market but always ask for for examples of work and have a clear expectation of what will be delivered.
  5. Check out their newborn style too.. If you want them your photographer may have a combination price for both shoots.
  6. Be realistic….If you have Kim K aspirations and a Kmart budget you might be disappointed. You don’t need to be perched on a floral swing amongst a field of lavender to look amazing. You’re the star of the show here so sometimes simple is better. A great photographer will make you look incredible even if you don’t feel it on the day.
Maternity Photoshoot by Tulip Flare Photography
Busting out the flower crown to celebrate my bump 🙂

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