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Why invest in your birth space?

There are many reasons to spend a little time planning and creating a calm beautiful place to labour and birth in. Some women just don’t feel comfortable in the sterile feel of a hospital setting. But there is research to show that women that birth in a “home-like enviroment” have better birth outcomes. The findings show that women feel more comfortable in familiar relaxed surroundings which allows their bodies to work normally through the stages of labour and birth. If you feel at ease, your body births better.

“Women who gave birth in the home-like setting had less use of pain medication during labor, were less likely to be immobile during labor, had fewer fetal heart rate abnormalities, had fewer operative deliveries, and were less dissatisfied with their care than were women in the conventional labor-ward setting. Conclusion: In women at low risk for obstetric complications, giving birth in a home-like birth environment is associated with less analgesia use, operative delivery, and fetal abnormalities and greater satisfaction with care.” -Hodnett ED. Home-like versus conventional institutional settings for birth. Cochrane Database System.