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Having a baby is a huge momentous life-changing event. Having another one can be an even bigger adjustment.

How will you find the time to keep one entertained while you care for your newborn? Don’t worry, we got you with some great activities for siblings.

Tips for Mums to Help Make Your Life Easier with Two or More Kids

There are a few things you can do to make life a little easier for yourself.

1. Get a baby carrier, pop bub in and you’ll be mobile enough to play with your toddler/ other kiddos.

2. Prepare. Get activities and things to do set up the night before. Have a few backup activities (tucked away into a cupboard) and have one ready to go first thing in the morning so your older kiddo has something to do while you have a bite to eat (fingers crossed)

3. Get them to help. I’ve heard of mums that have made a “change basket/tool kit” for the sibling to bring to you when you need “help”. Let’s face it, they love to help so they may as well be beneficial 😉

4. Put the TV on. Let’s face it. It’s there and sometimes you’ll need it.

5. Explain to them if they’re old enough.

8. Arrange special one on one time with the older sibling. They’ll love and your heart will feel better for it.

9. Get help! Get a babysitter, arrange a play date, someone to take the older kiddo for an hour.

10.Go to a fenced park. Sit down and let them go wild. They’re safe and happy. Win Win.

11. Consider daycare- if you can, want or need it.

Keeping Toddler Busy with a Newborn – 3 Cool Busy Bag Activity

Here are three really cool busy bag activites to keep your toddler busy.

1. Busy Bags (if I was on a game show- this is my speciality subject)


Colour Matching with Paint Swatches

Busy Bags are a really handy way to keep kiddos intrigued and hopefully happy and quiet. They can be made at home or you can buy them ready to play with.

I created busy bags when I discovered that my toddler was developing a British accent a-la-Peppa Pig from daytime tv.

So I decided to have the TV off during the day but realistically knew she’d need something to do. I googled and went to Pinterest, gathered some crafty stuff and got busy myself.


Letter Matching-Foam board and wooden letters

There is a world of FREE resources out there.If you have a laminator and a printer even better.

Choose from matching games, educational colour, numbers or letters, shapes and our absolute favourite “The Washing Line” My girl is nearly 4 and still pegs the felt clothes up on her line.


Matching busy bag- laminated 

Gather some resources-

  • Felt
  • Paint swatches
  • Clothes Pegs
  • Texters/Marker pens
  • String
  • velcro dots (be careful with these as they’re potentially a choking hazard)
  • Colouring pencils
  • Bags -I use ziplock but you could use calico drawstring bags too.

Make about 10-15 bags and use 2 or 3 each day, Rotate them so your kiddo won’t get tired of them.

Make them age-appropriate and safe for them to use. I suggest rounding corners when cutting laminated paper to take the sharp edge off. Keep them clean (no messy stuff), you have enough to do right now.


Our Favourite-The Washing Line Busy Bag

Mama, another baby is a big deal. Make it as easy as you can for yourself. You were never meant to do this alone. Gather your village and give them stuff to do.

And don’t forget to head to our shop if you have any friends expecting a baby as we have a variety of birthing affirmations, birth kits etc.

Big Love

Janet x