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Kinesiology During Pregnancy | Birthplace 

About Katie Anderson – Kinesiologist

A few weeks ago, Kinesiologist Katie Anderson and myself chatted about how Kinesiology could support pregnancy.

As a mum of three young children, Katie understands the journey of forever looking for solutions to help the family dynamics and harmony and simultaneously work on your own growth. She spent many years working on the symptoms and patterns of her physical body. 

“Everything in the universe operates through a vibrational energy and can be measured to a hertz frequency. Even the hardest and most solid structures of the world can be scientifically measured. So too can our energy body. As we shift the vibration, so too does our physical and emotional body in response to this” 

Katie explains “Nature offers us healing capacity through decoding the energy frequencies that require us to integrate and move with mother earth. Every element, plant, tree, animal and planetary alignments offer us different capacities for change” 

With this in mind, Katie has created a collection of essences to support healing, clarity and growth in ourselves. Check out Katie’s website Eleventh Element 

Cleansing Essence & Smudging Kit | Eleventh Element

How can Kinesiology help during pregnancy? 


Kinesiology is a non-invasive therapy used to get to the emotional root of physical issues that may be causing pain or distress during pregnancy or labour.

Kinesiology is like a mix of physical and emotional treatment, and the practitioner will often ask the body a question, which will be answered by a strength or weakness in the muscle.

The kinesiologist often moves a part of the body gently asking the client a question. It’s based on the premise that the body will tell the answer when the conscious mind cannot.

Similar to acupuncture and reflexology, kinesiology is based on the premise that parts of the body correspond to internal organs, so symptoms are treated by addressing the corresponding organs.

Kinesiology is one of the least invasive methods of eliminating fears of hospitals, fear of labour, anxieties and stresses to do with childbirth and labour, and even beliefs to do with becoming a mother. 

What do Essences Do? 

Essences are a great and effective remedy that work on the vibrational frequency of the body to shift stress and bring forth the energies you wish to create.  Essences work as vibrational medicine for adults, children’s and babies to address key emotional stresses or behavioural disharmonies. Each essence has different application points for therapeutic benefits. See more of Eleventh Elements Essences here – Essence 

Katie suggests Inner Truth Essence as a great womb healer and helps women connect back into the power and creativity of the womb and Restoration for women that are healing from trauma. 

Is it safe during pregnancy? 

Absolutely, it’s very gentle and the least invasive of all natural therapies. 


Are You Planning A Calm & Connected Birth?

Birth Affirmations are a great way to tune in to your body’s power and trust the process of birth. Your body listens to what you tell it, make you your body knows how capable it is of birthing. Read How Affirmations Work Here

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