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Pregnancy Milestones You’ll Love To Treasure

Let’s face it, you won’t be pregnant forever and most of us only do it a few times. Recording this special time and tracking your progress can be quick and simple or a bit more involved if you’ve got the time and patience. Here’s a lot of ways to honour your pregnancy and create memories you’ll treasure in time to come.

Janet x


1.Time Lapse Videos /Pictures– one a day or week preferably in the same position or location and wearing similar clothes. Once you have all of your pictures, including the last one of your baby in our arms. Upload them into a slideshow app and increase the speed for a super fast pregnancy video keepsake.WARNING! This takes time and dedication….this is coming from someone (me) that didn’t even manage a weekly photo BUT I love this one Pregnancy Time Lapse

2.Scrapbooking (Not Just For Nanas)

Collect a few pics and memories from your pregnancy journey and arrange them into a cute scrapbook once the baby has arrived. I collected stickers and bits throughout my pregnancy and popped them all together in a few hours. You can often purchase sticker sets to guide you a bit on you might want it to look like. I actually started a scrapbook and gifted it to my husband on our wedding day. Now we add the big events like pregnancies and births and soon it’ll be filled with first days at school. Kmart have lots of options and you don’t need much to start. 

This is the one I did for my girl. It has 3 bump pics and the photograph of the positive pregnancy test and a few cute embellishments. Super Simple!

Pregnancy Scrapbooking Ideas Birthplace

3.A Pregnancy Journal

 A pregnancy journal is a lovely way to track your pregnancy. A simple notebook will do or you can purchase Pregnancy Journals to use. The formatting will prompt you for information such as pregnancy symptoms etc and there is often room for pictures and birth details. Regardless of what you use, I think this is a beautiful idea to look back on and share your pregnancy with your child. A lovely friend of mine wrote a journal describing things like physical changes, family events that occurred while she was pregnant, things she wanted her baby to know, things she was worried about and even things she was feeling upset or happy about. You may never share these things with the child but I think its important to record the experiences of pregnancy. Set a regular time to add to your journal and don’t forget to add some pics for good measure too. If you area writer anyway, this one will be easy for you to keep. 

Pregnancy Journal Birthplace

4.Letters to your baby

 Each month write a letter to your baby describing what the month has been like for you. Any big events in the world, any pregnancy symptoms and perhaps some bump pics to accompany the letter. You could write your hopes and dreams for your baby, what you’re worried about and even describe who you’ll think they’ll look like! Write one each month or each trimester to give to your baby when they grow up or become parents themselves. 

Bio Janet Purcell Birthplace

5.Pregnancy Apps

Often have a photography section which allows you to add weeks and pregnancy months etc to your selfie. Most of them track your baby’s size using a fruit or vegetable comparison which is a nice way to visualize the size of your bub. Screenshot these on your phone for your records and print them once bub arrives in a mini photo album.


 Buy a newspaper for each trimester. Fold them gently, wrap in a protective layer and store somewhere dry. On the day your baby is born, ask someone to buy a newpaper from that day. Gift it to your baby on an important birthday in years to come. You’ll both love reading the paper and remembering what was going on in the workd the day they were born. I’ve recently purachsed a newspaper for my father for his 60th Birthday and he LOVED it. It had the advertising page and the cinema listing from when he was born. It was a really special birthday trip down memory lane. 

7.Fruit & Veg Photos

Download a fruit or veg week by week or month by month calendar and take pics of your bump and the matching fruit for some super cute pics.

Don’t forget to add the fruit to your weekly shopping list or you’ll be searching for dragon fruit in every 7-11 from here to Sydney.

Pregnancy Milestones Photos

8. Wooden Pregnancy and Baby Milestones

Birthplace stocks beautiful Mandala Milestones. Mandala meaning “round and complete” each disc is handmade in Australia. This set is a bit special becasue you can use it TWICE! There are 12 Month Circles so you can track months 1-9 of your pregnancy and then use Month 1-12 to record your baby’s first year of life. 

Purchase Now-  Pregnancy and Baby Milestones

9.Bump Casts

Find a local company to cast our belly or have a try yourself with a DIY kit. I promise you will miss your bump once it’s gone. It’d be a great night in with a couple of girlfriends, slighty messy but sooo much fun!

10.Henna Belly

An amazing intricate henna design on a blooming belly is spectacular. Perhaps your local market has a henna artist that you can ask or maybe include it in your mother blessing or baby shower. We love Summer Jade at Pure Henna, check out her work below!

Henna Belly Birthplace

11.The Countdown

Use a chalkboard or a calendar to count the weeks until baby is due. Pick up a cheapy chalkboard or search Etsy for a board to use. Arrange your photoshoot spot and your photographer for a regular quick pic and keep them in a separate phone photo album. This is also a great way to help prepare siblings for a new baby. 


12. Picture Series

 A pic with your pregnancy test, bump and finally baby in your arms is an adorable start middle and end to your pregnancy. Record the three highlights of your pregnancy milestones. Use a photo app to arrange them into a single picture to represent your whole pregnancy journey. I absolutely adore this photo our customer sent us with the Birthplace Birth Bunting 

Birth Affirmation Bunting Birthplace
Birth Affirmation Bunting Birthplace

13. Bump Pics

Take a pic of your bump from your perspective and watch your feet (and ankles) slowing disappear. Use an app to add wording, draw it in the sand, lay a chalkbord at your feet to record how many weeks you are.

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