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Birth & Pregnancy Dates Calendar 2021

Happy New Year- Time to plan 2021

Hello? If you don’t know already, I’m Janet from Birthplace and my entire business is based on products that add value to birthing. If you love my products and would like to wholesale them or are considering client gifts this year, please send me an email on¬†and we can work within your budget.

Here’s a month by month event and awareness day calendar to use when creating content for blogs and social media posting. Click on the button below to download the pdf version of the file and “fit to print” to print the month by month calendar. I’m always looking for content to share on my social media channels and blog. If you have something you’d like me to share that adds value to my followers please shoot me a pm with the link. I’m always happy to add birth and pregnancy supportive businesses to my website resource page too which is handy for backlinks ? If you’d like to contribute your expertise in your area while promoting your business I’d love to hear from you.

As always, thank you for support my business through sharing my content and word of mouth. I’m always happy to return the favour ?

Have a brilliant 2021,

Happy Birthing

Janet x


Birth & Pregnancy Dates Calendar 2021