Acupressure Labour Ball | Birthplace

Acupressure Labour Ball | Birthplace


Acupressure Labour Ball

  • Natural Pain Relief for labour
  • Easy to use, squeeze or roll
  • Compact and lightweight

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Bring Acupressure To Birth! Acupressure Ball For Birth 

Our Labour Ball uses acupressure points and the “Pain Gateway Theory” to increase blood flow to the area and reduce pain.

Ways To Use Our Spiky Friend 

  • Gripping the ball in your palm reduces the sensations of contractions by releasing endorphins.
  • Rolling the ball under your foot during pregnancy brings sweet relief from aching arches and painful feet.
  • Roll gently over aching muscles ( works really well with buttocks, thighs and back) to increase blood flow and soothe pain.


If you haven’t heard of the Pain Gateway Theory, I highly recommend you read this blog. It describes how you can use a comb to trigger your body’s own natural pain relief response called “The Pain Gateway Theory”. But guess what you can also use our spiky ball. Your body will release endorphins (pain relieving hormones) as well as distracts the brain away from the sensation of contractions.

A simple and effective comfort measure for labour – Spiky Labour Ball 

acupressure labour ball birthplace

Research on acupressure has been shown to relieve a variety of pain. Gripping the labour ball triggers an endorphin response as well as distracting your brain away from the uterus. Reducing pain in a natural and simple way. Adding an acupressure ball to your list of comfort measures for birth is ideal as its a tactile way for your birth support to help massage and soothe aching tense muscles as well as a self directed way to reduce pain.


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