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Aroma Birth Kit By Birthplace


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Essential Oils For Labour & Birth

Calm | Birth | Focus Roller Blend

Compact Carry Pouch

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Aroma Birth Kit | Birthplace

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends for Birth and Labour

aroma bit kit Birthplace

Aroma Birth Kit | Birthplace

Contains three ready to use roller blends to support labour and birth

*This kit has been specifically designed for labour and birth which means some of the oils used may not be suitable for use during pregnancy.

Birth Roller Blend – 10ml 

Clary Sage | Lavender | Geranium | Jasmine | Cedarwood | Ylang Ylang | Almond Oil

Benefits of The Birth Blend

  • Clary Sage- Promotes contractions
  • Lavender – Relaxation
  • Geranium –  Promotes circulation
  • Jasmine Reduces uterine discomfort
  • Cedarwood – Grounding
  • Ylang Ylang – Mildly Sedative

Focus Blend -10ml

Ideal for uplifting and focusing during labour 

Orange | Peppermint | Bitter Orange |Lavender | Ylang Ylang | Almond Oil


  • Orange – Mood Elevator
  • Peppermint – Energy boost
  • Bitter Orange – Reduces Stress
  • Lavender- Calming
  • Ylang Ylang- Mood Lifter

Calm Blend -10ml 

Soothing & Relaxing Blend – Ideal to reduce anxiety and ground yourself during labour 

Geranium | Lavender | Ylang Ylang | Frankincense | Almond Oil – 2.5% Blend


  • Geranium- Reduces stress
  • Lavender – Calming
  • Ylang Ylang- Mildly Sedative
  • Frankincense – Relaxing

Aroma Kit Birthplace


  • Only for use in labour and birth.
  • Contains essential oils unsuitable for use during pregnancy.
  • Always consult your health care provider before use.
  • Allergen Advice- Contains a nut oil.
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Discontinue use if skin shows signs of irritation and seek medical advice
  • For external use only

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