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Aroma Birth Kit


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Essential Oils For Labour & Birth

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Essential Oils Kit to support Labour including oils, directions for use, wooden storage box and a wooden peg (a super simple diffuser to use in the car)

DoTerra Essential Oils included

  • 5 ml Lavender (Ready to use roller-diluted with coconut oil)
  • 5 ml Clary SageĀ (Ready to use roller-diluted with coconut oil)
  • 5 ml Peppermint (Ready to use roller-diluted with coconut oil)
  • 5 ml Orange (Ready to use roller-diluted with coconut oil)
  • 3 ml Balance Blend (Ready to useĀ bottle)

Lavender is calming, soothing and brings a spirit of gentleness to the labour room. Helps with cramps, nervous tension, and nausea.

Clary Sage assists with effective uterine contractions. It can be euphoric and relieve anxiety. (Not suitable for use during pregnancy, suitable for labour and birth)

Peppermint energizes and uplifts labouring mothers. It’s also helpful for nausea symptoms.

Orange energizes the body and mind. Uplifts the mood.

Balance Blend promotes a whole body sense of relaxation, helps to ease anxious feelings and evokes feelings of tranquility and balance.

Information from Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies by Stephanie Fritz LM,CPM. Please consult your medical provider prior to using. This kit has been specifically designed for labour and birth which mean some of the oils used may not be suitable for use during pregnancy.

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