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Bloom Mama | Pregnancy Gift Box- Candle & Print


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Each Pack Includes

  • Two Pregnancy Candles – Uplift and Connection
  • 4 Pregnancy Support Crystals
  • Wooden card holder
  • 12 pregnancy & birth affirmations
  • 10 Floral Womb Milestones
  • 2 Birth Milestone cards

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Bloom Mama | Birthplace Pregnancy Gift Set

The Bloom Mama Pregnancy gift box is a collection of connected and uplifting products to support you and your baby in pregnancy. Affirmations and pregnancy candles are a perfect gift.

Pregnancy Gift Box

Pregnancy Candles & Affirmations

Our pregnancy gift box contains

  • 2 x locally made pregnancy candles containing crystals to support and guide pregnancy
  • 12 Pregnancy Affirmation Quotes
  • 10 monthly baby size watercolour prints and for when baby arrives  “Welcome to the World ‘ & Birth Details Print.
  • Wooden print display holder

Our pregnancy candles have been hand poured by Divine Glow. Contained in a lidded tin our crystal candles focus on two elements of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Candles

Connection- Pregnancy Candle & crystals 
Lavendin, Lemon, Cedarwood, Rosemary and Frankincense to help create a higher vibration and deeper meditation.
What does Amethyst and Clear Quartz do for pregnancy?

Amethyst is excellent for women who are looking for positivity and protection. It cleanses and protects you, and it guards you against negative energies. This crystal emits a calm and smooth frequency that soothes your body and emotions. It can be placed in your birthing space to help you have a relaxed and supportive environment during your pregnancy and during childbirth. Amethyst also calms your mood swings. Clear Quartz Generators amplifies your specific intentions and is easily programmable to suit your needs. it works on all energetic levels and encourages clarity in all kinds of situations.

Uplift- Pregnancy Candle & Crystals
Uplift is a fresh combination of Lemongrass, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lime and Lemon Myrtle.
What does Carnelian and Rose Quartz do for pregnancy?

Rose Quartz is excellent for those who want emotional balance and unconditional love. It connects strongly with the heart chakra and allows you to get rid of your pain and stress and heal from the wounds of loss or mistrust. It is a feminine and soothing crystal that promotes love for self and others. Carnelian is excellent crystal for women who want protection from fear. It instills great motivation and willpower. It’s a very energetic crystal that fortifies you when you’re experiencing periods of physical or emotional stress. It helps expecting mothers by boosting self-esteem and protecting against negative emotions.

What are affirmations?

Pregnancy & Birth affirmations are quotes or words that when reflected on can bring positive feelings and comfort. Pregnancy is wonderful but is often a time of huge change and transition. Embracing your body, baby and pregnancy is part of our transition to motherhood. Connecting with your baby is a beautiful way to boost love and bonding hormones. Honor the process of transforming by using affirmations to ease worry and connect you to your pregnancy. Building trust in your body is important before birth. Just as your body grew your baby, your body knows to birth your baby.

Pregnancy Affirmations lead up towards birth preparation by easing our worries and building confidence in our body and our skills as mothers.

Birthplace Pregnancy Affirmations

Each print set contains 24 10 x 12 cm cards and a wooden affirmation holder to display your baby’s size card for the month. The imagery we chose for the babies is a delicate floral water color image. Surrounded by blossoms in the comfort of you.

Did you know affirmations are an easy and effective way to change your mindset and make a positive experience more likely? Read more here Do you follow our facebook page? It chock full of practical ways to make your birth beautiful. Join us!

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