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Cervical Dilation Birth Education Tool | Birthplace


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Wooden Cervical Dilation Educational Tool

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Wooden Cervical Dilation Educational Tool

This lightweight educational tool is a clear and simple way to represent the ability of the cervix during labour and birth. It gives an opportunity to instill information and confidence in birthing families.

Believe me, I see the irony of creating something inflexible to show the opposite ability of the amazing cervix but I trust it can be used to explore feelings around birthing confidence and prompt great discussions between educators and families. I deliberately chose floral imagery to connect with natural, growth and softness and a depiction of the beautiful baby as a reminder of the connection between body, spirit and baby. Janet x

Wooden Cervical Dilation Educational Tool | Birthplace

Cervical Dilation Educational Tool Product Features 

  • Measuring 30.5 cm in diameter
  • 3mm thickness sustainably sourced wood.
  • Floral Womb Baby Imagery
  • 1-10cm circle cut outs
  • Sturdy Cardboard Storage Box 33cm square


**Please allow two weeks for delivery.

**Please be advised that due to the nature of the circle, it should be stored in the provided box when not in use to avoid damage.