Umbilical Cord Ties

Umbilical Cord Ties


Cotton Cord Ties

Plastic Cord Clip Alternative

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Umbilical Cord Ties | Birthplace

Umbilical cord ties are a gentle alternative that can be used instead of or along with the usual plastic clip.

Crocheted from light-weight organic cotton thread measuring 25cm in length plus embellishment

Available styles | Winter, Summer, Spring & Autumn

cord tie handmade

How to Use

  • Wait until your baby’s cord has stopped pulsing and is flat and white.
  • Wrap the tail of the cord around your baby’s cord twice, ensuring it is tight.
  • Double knot to secure it in place.

Note: While it is not necessary to sterilise this tie you might like to boil it in water and place into a sterile breastmilk bag (or similar) and store in the freezer until the day of your baby’s birth.

Cord Tie Birthplace

Umbilical Cord Ties are a gentle alternative

The WHO’s Recommendations on Umbilical Cord Clamping
“Many kinds of clamps and ties have been used in institutions to tie the cord and prevent bleeding from the stump. No study has investigated which method is best. Plastic cord clamps effectively close all vessels in the umbilical cord and are easy to use. . . The advantages and disadvantages of simple string ties or tapes have not been evaluated. There are no reservations about their use and they are widely available.”
Care of the Umbilical Cord: A review of the evidence, World Health Organization, 1999

Made in Brisbane by The Birthplace Doula

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