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Mandala Birth Support – Women’s Shirt


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Perfect for your birth support

Birth Affirmation Mandala design brings focus and comfort

Awesome Midwife/Doula Thank you gift

Suitable for hospital birthing



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Tightening surges envelop your belly. Your baby is coming. Allow the words to wash over your senses. Drop your shoulders, loosen your jaw and soften your hands. Choose a word to focus on for now.

You have chosen support to be there for you, they will be close by to offer a reassuring presence. Give th the skills of affirmations. By wearing an affirmation tshirt your birth support is showing you everything you need to settle and calm yourself during labour. 

Take a breath, each one brings you closer to meeting your baby. Your body and your muscles are soft. Your mind is calm and clear. Your cervix is opening. You surrender to the normal processes of birth. This is normal. Trust your baby, your body to know what to do. Relax your mind and body, clear it of worry.

Mandala Affirmation Shirts

Sizing –available in women’s size 10-18

Shirt Type- Black Short Sleeve Cotton Round Neck

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Weight 400 g