Pink Blossom Affirmation Kit

Pink Blossom Affirmation Kit


Cotton Printed Pillowcase “You’ve got this Mama”

24 Pink Blossom Affirmation Cards

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Transform your birth suite with the Pink Blossom Affirmation Kit

Pink Blossom Affirmation Kit incudes a printed pillowcase & a set of affirmation prints

If you are stumped with planning birth and your birth environment, keep reading because we have you covered Mama with the Pink Blossom Affirmation Kit!

We created the Pink Blossom Affirmation Kit to support you in pregnancy, birth and mothering. You can use the affirmation prints throughout your pregnancy to focus on a positive birth experience. Choose your favourite and display them in your birth suite to remind uplift and focus you during labour. Our customers tell us that the  “You’ve got this Mama” pillowcase has seen them through some pretty tough days. We’ve had them too and it helps to be reminded. That’s why we love this pillowcase.

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Pink Blossom Affirmation Kit Pillowcase

  • Watercolor floral design
  • Quote “You’ve got this Mama”
  • A 100% Cotton white pillowcase approx. 48 x 73cm

Pink Blossom Birthing Affirmation Kit

  • 24 uplifting and positive quotes
  • Water Colour Floral Designs
  • Easy to read and display in your birth environment, measuring 11cm x 12cm and tucked into a calico bag.
  • Includes the quotes “I am relaxed and Calm, “My baby will fit” & “I am doing this”
  • Perfect for preparing for a positive birth experience
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