Pink Blossom Birthing Affirmations

Pink Blossom Birthing Affirmations


Prepare for a positive birth experience

24 Birthing Affirmation Quotes

Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Easy to read & Easy to display

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Pink Blossom Birthing Affirmations

  • 24 uplifting and positive quotes
  • Water Colour Floral Designs
  • Easy to read and display in your birth environment, measuring 11cm x 12cm and tucked into a calico bag.
  • Includes the quotes “I am relaxed and Calm, “My baby will fit” & “I am doing this”
  • Perfect for preparing for a positive birth experience

What is a Birth Affirmation?

Many women use affirmations as a way to focus and relax while birthing.

Choose an affirmation or a few which resonate with you. Put them in a place where you will see them for example on your mirror or on the fridge door. Repeating them or thinking about them a couple of times a day will allow the words to become absorbed into your consciousness. Your brain believes these statements to be true which may help to ease fearful thoughts of anxiety around birth. Read more here 

Want to know how to create a beautiful birth environment in a hospital setting? Read more here 

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