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Pregnancy Crystal Collection | Birthplace


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Pregnancy Crystals

Palo Santo Smudge Stick

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The Crystal Pregnancy Collection |Birthplace

Choosing crystals to use in pregnancy can be overwhelming, there are so many options!

I’ve spent hours choosing crystals for this collection that would support you, ease fear and anxiety and help you connect to your baby. I’ve used a lot of these in my own pregnancies but I’ve added a few new types to the collection too. The absolute BEST part about this set is that the crystals are FLAT! Flat crystals are PERFECT to place on your growing bump, inside your bra or your pocket. You can carry them pretty much anywhere. Get the good crystal vibes on the go!

The Crystal Pregnancy Collection includes

  • Rose Quartz for bonding & hormone production
  • Aventurine for protective energy & supports pregnancy
  • Bloodstone Promotes healing and strength, birth preparation
  • Jasper Supports Baby’s growth and eases morning sickness
  • Lapiz Lazuli for Birth preparation and eases stress
  • Palo Santo Smudge Stick to cleanse space and crystals of negative energy¬†
  • Enclosed in a calico bag

Before you start using your crystals

Before you start using your crystals its important to cleanse and program them. Personally, i prefer the simplicity of placing your crystals under a full moon for a few hours but you can also use the Palo Santo stick by letting the smoke waft over and around them. It’s important that you set your intentions at this stage too.It might be worth while reading what each crystal does and explore your feelings around them, identify fears and think of a positive outcome you’d like. Once your crystals are cleansed you simply tell them what you want from them. Hold each crystal in your hand and set your positive intentions for them.

Pregnancy Crystals Birthplace Palo Santo


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