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Spiky Labour Ball | Birthplace


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Spiky Labour Ball

Natural Pain Relief

Durable and Easy To Clean

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Spiky Labour Ball | Birthplace

If you haven’t heard of the Pain Gateway Theory, I highly recommend you read this blog. It describes how you can use a comb to trigger your body’s own natural pain relief response called “The Pain Gateway Theory”. But guess what?! You can also use our spiky ball.

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See how the plastic spikes create indents in the skin. Your body will release endorphins (pain relieving hormones) as well as distracts the brain away from the sensation of contractions. This effect helps to reduce the level of discomfort experienced. You can also use the spiky ball to roll over an area like the lower back or thighs to increase blood flow and sooth aching muscles.

Spiky Labour Ball | Birthplace

Measuring approximately 6cm in diameter

Easy to clean and compact

Spiky Labour Ball | Birthplace

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