Waterproof Sheet | Homebirth

Waterproof Sheet | Homebirth


Protect floors and surfaces

1.8m x 1.8m plastic sheet

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Protect floors and mattresses easily during homebirth

If you want a lightweight and easy way to protect your mattress of floor where you birth, this is what most people use.

It’s a shower curtain. A plain white plastic shower curtain and you’ll find them recommended in most homebirth groups.

Waterproof Sheet 

  • It measures 1.8m  x 1.8 m and does not include rings.
  • Handy to protect mattress, floor or car seat.
  • You can also use it to cover your birth pool and layer a blanket to retain heat while you’re out of the pool

**Sharp edges are likely to damage the sheet but layering with a towel or lightweight blanket will reduce this.

waterproof cover

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