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The Original Birth Comb


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Natural pain relief for birth

Wooden Acupressure Comb

It’s not pain, It’s power.

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Natural Pain Relief in Labour – The Original Birth Comb

Need a natural pain relief for labour? Keep it simple and non invasive with a comb. Yep a comb!

I started to research how to use a comb for pain relief after I spotted a birth picture where a mother was holding a comb in her hand while moving through surges in a birthing tub. It turns out, combs have been used in birthing for centuries and at one stage midwives were taught about using them for pain relief in labour.

They work for a couple of reasons. The teeth of the comb applies acupressure to points the hand that create a distraction and a new focal point for the brain to concentrate on. It also plays a part in the gate control pain theory, nerve endings in your hand send messages to the brain and distract it away from the sensations of contractions.

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Now, I also saw an opportunity to give YOU something to focus on. The comb is the perfect spot for some guidance and reassuring words. I etched the phrase “It’s not pain, it’s power” . This is one of my favourite birth quotes because I believe its important to reframe how we talk and think about birth. The word pain has negative connotations and is something we experience when something is wrong. Birth is not one of those events. Contractions/surges/waves… whatever you call them, they are the power of your body working towards moving your baby out in to the world. They are incredible. They are your POWER.

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Natural Pain Relief in Labour

Benefits of using a comb during labour

  • easy to use
  • compact and lightweight
  • a beautiful reminder of your birth
  • handcrafted
  • Fits snugly in your hand – measures 14cm x 5cm

Do you want to learn how affirmations can make your birth better?

Tell me more about affirmations

birth comb testimonial

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