Sleep during pregnancy | Top Tips For Better Rest

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Top Tips For Better Rest | Sleep During Pregnancy

Sleep can get pretty weird in pregnancy and it’s for a host of reasons. Late night trips to the loo, tossing and turning, worrying and body changes are a part of pregnancy but let’s face it.. growing a human is TIRING!

Be kind to yourself and take care of your body and your brain with these easy tips for better sleep.

Sleep Patterns

Establish a consistent sleep routine- I know it’s SO BORING but putting yourself to bed at a regular time is very beneficial.

Try to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning to help your body establish a regular sleep-wake cycle. Staying up late (while very tempting) can push your body into an “awake” period or disrupt the production of melatonin which is essential for sleep.

Relaxing Place To Sleep

Make sure your bedroom is dark, quiet, and cool. You may like to invest in ear plugs and an eye mask to reduce light and sound. You can also consider a pregnancy pillow, Pregnancy Products or a mattress topper to get cosy and comfortable in bed.

Consider a wind down period before bed where you avoid devices and practice some self care with belly massage or practicing your affirmations.

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Regular Exercise – It’s not the amount but the frequency

Exercise during the day can help promote better sleep at night by regulating your circadian rhythms (a mental, physical and behavioural pattern your body follows within a 24hr period). Exercise tires the body physically prompting the body to seek rest and recovery. People that exercise regularly report less trouble falling and staying asleep.

Exercise also realises endorphins which can help reducing stress and anxiety allowing you to relax and rest. Avoid exercising close to bed time as increased heart rate and adrenaline counter act the hormones required for sleep.

Avoid caffeine and heavy meals before bed

Avoid consuming large amounts of caffeine or eating heavy meals before bedtime, as these can disrupt sleep by requiring your body to digest rather than rest. Caffeine is present in tea and coffee and is considered a stimulant. A warm drink before bed is great  but consider a gentle herbal blend that supports sleep like lavender or chamomile.

pregnancy tea


Reduce stress

Use relaxation techniques like breathing exercises, yoga, or meditation to help calm your mind and reduce stress levels, which can interfere with sleep. While managing stress is important throughout your pregnancy you may still find yourself wide awake in bed at night. I use two apps frequently to unwind and relax.  Insight Timer combines Meditation, Soundscapes, Music, Programmes and Yoga. There’s alot of FREE content and there is specific pregnancy and birth content.

HeadSpace is a paid subscription to to amazing courses which reduce anxiety and stress and deal with specific mental health support. It is created by mental health experts and is backs by research and evidence. You can tailor your profile to deal with particular issues like anxiety, sleep, focus and stress. You’ll be offered  a suggested support via exercises, meditation  and some homework.



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