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Create a peaceful, calm birth environment for the senses



Turn off all the lights and close the blinds. Use battery operated lighting to instantly transform your hospital room. There are lots of easy to use lightweight options available to buy. I love my set of three wax faux candles because they give a good amount of light and you can adjust the colour of the light. Battery operated tea lights are cute for small displays of birth affirmations but don’t give off enough light to be used solely. Night lights are a great option that you can plug in and are often available with dreamy relaxing pictures on them to set the scene. Your mobile phone has a bright torch that you could point towards the wall for some low light. Rooms often have an exam lamp that is super bright so you can point these to the corner or the ceiling or switch off when not in use. Leave the bathroom door ajar so a small amount of light can enter. Remember that low lighting will stimulate your birth hormones.


Drown out the clatter of trolleys and staff by popping on your headphones. Keep yourself mobile so you can keep moving and dancing (if you want to) to the music. Make a playlist or choose the music that suits the mood if the room. Some people love relaxing and more moms prefer pop and upbeat tunes. Alternatively, you can use a small portable speaker to play your music on, these are a great idea as you can move the speaker to where ever you are labouring. Keep the volume to below medium, you want to be able to hear your birth support communicate and not disturb the labouring woman next door.


Avoid hospital food by bringing snacks. Bring your own light snacks and favourite drinks to the hospital with you. You’ll most likely have access to a fridge but you probably won’t feel like a picnic. Smally tasty nibbles and fruit are great to keep your energy levels up while labouring. And It’ll help you avoid the vending machine.


Replace scratchy cotton waffle blankets with a throw or blanket from home. The Birthplace Comfort Kit is perfectly designed for this purpose but any blanket will work. Bring your own pillow too for an extra homely comfort. Drape gorgeous colourful fabrics over beds and chairs to create a familiar relaxed environment. Please ensure any linen you bring is clean and in good working order, the hospital environment should be kept as clean as possible.


Use essential oils to surround yourself with comforting and uplifting scents to support your labour and birth. A diffuser is a great addition as it also can be used as a light source. Essential oils can be dropped onto a tissue to sniff or blended with a base oil to apply to the skin. Always use with caution and consult your medical practitioner prior to use.