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Why and How? Well that’s exactly what I asked my self when I saw a picture of a laboring mother grasping a comb. Initially I thought maybe she’d picked it up and kinda forgotten about it during a contraction BUT when I read the comments section from the photographer it turns out it has a real benefit to labour.

Natural Pain Relief For Labour

Using a comb for birth

How does it work? Well you’ve heard of acupressure. Acupressure applies pressure on specific points on the body to treat health problems naturally and restore the harmonious flow of energy. There are several pressure points you can use for relief during labour but perhaps the easiest way would be to hold a comb that hits those points for you. The teeth of the comb are held to the base of the fingers which helps to relieve pain. It also plays a part in the pain gate theory where it distracts the brain into focusing away from contractions and towards the sensation in the hand.



Birthing Comb for pain relief

Is this New?

When I spoke to my Facebook community about combs for labour, I found several women that used them and even a midwife that told me she learned about them when she was training to be midwife. Even if you’re skeptical its most definitely worth a shot before you consider more invasive pain reduction techniques.

Labour Comb for birth

How Do I Use It?

Simply grip the comb in your palm, teeth to your palm. You might find that you won’t need the comb until active labour, when your contractions are strong enough that you can’t talk through them and you need all of your brain to focus. This is a good time to use the comb. Tell your birth support to give you the comb because you may forget to ask for it.

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Oh my god, this comb totally got me through my induction last week. It’s amazing! 

Amber- Mum of 3

Will Any Comb Do?

Yes, just be mindful that unlike our wooden comb the teeth of a plastic brush may be sharp and could cause some tenderness and bruising over a period of time. 

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