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Yes, Our products are designed to be used within a hospital setting. 


Most maternity hospitals encourage birthing women to bring personal items, to make themselves feel comfortable .

When you arrive at hospital, unpack your Birthplace Comfort Kit and make yourself at home.

Display your affirmations simply on a pegs and string, use blu tac (or similar) or prop them against a surface where you are likely to see them. Please be careful not to damage or mark the paint or wall coverings while doing so. 

Hang your bunting in you room for a rainbow display of uplifting words. We suggest using “dressing tape ” or “blu tac as our bunting is lightweight. Please do not hang bunting across doorways or where it impede access to areas or medical equipment.

Its so lovely to have your own pillow in hospital and using the Birthplace Affirmation Pillowcase is a clever way to keep track of your pillow in the mountain of hospital linen. 

We suggest you use your pillowcase, affirmations and throw at home in the weeks and months before labour. Snuggle up with your throw while relaxing at home. Please be mindful that your throw and pillowcase are clean when its time tp go to hospital. Remind yourself to take them by tying the calico bag to the handle of your hospital bag.

We love our hospital staff so please ensure that you do not introduce a hazard to their workplace while using Birthplace products.

While Birthplace products were designed with input from professional midwives there may be occasions where you are unable to use your products such as in an emergency situation or  operating  theatre.