What are birth affirmations?

by | Nov 5, 2017

Your thoughts and emotions impact on your body and how it works during birth. Negative thoughts can effect you physically and emotionally. Birthing Affirmations are a way of creating positive thoughts and feelings to enrich your birth process. Affirmations when embraced,replace the negative thoughts and fears you may have surrounding your birth. Any time is a great time to start practising using birth affirmations, its never too late or too early.


Choosing my affirmations

Read all of the affirmation prints, ponder for a while about how they make you feel. You might immediately click with some.
Choose words that empower you and make you think positively about your birth.
Some affirmations might create images in your mind that are calming and soothing.Try focusing on a few affirmations and choose your favourites.


Working it

Spend a few moments each day focusing on your favourite affirmations. Allow the words to connect with you and the positive feelings you would like to experience during labour and birth.
If you feel any negative or fearful thoughts emerging in your mind surrounding birth , this is the perfect opportunity to focus and repeat your affirmations. While its good it acknowledge them, work towards replacing them with positive feelings.
We suggest you display your affirmations at home where you are likely to see them often like on your bathroom mirror or fridge door.

Birth Space

Use your affirmations to comfort and focus you during your labour. Focus on the words and how they make you feel.
Display your affirmations in your birth space where you can see them or hold them in your hands. They will remind you of how amazing you are doing. Remember the wonderful positive feelings you felt when focusing on them in pregnancy. Each time you say them or read them you are washing over a negative thought with supportive calm words.

Perhaps tell your birth partner what your favourite is and when you think you’d like to be gently reminded of it.


You will have a beautiful birth, your body knows how to birth and your mind with a little encouragement will support your journey

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