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I’ve been working officially as a The Birthplace Doula for a year now but my friends and family tell me I’ve always been a doula. I found the transistion to doula pretty seamless to be honest because I’ve always loved supporting mothers. My own mother came to stay for 6 months when my second baby arrived and it helped me realise the kind of doula I wanted to be. Being from Ireland, most people I know had never heard of a doula until I became one but EVERYONE I describe doulaing to says “Oh I wish I had help like that when I had my babies” . This blog is based on how I work and a general overview of what to expect. 

What is a Postpartum Doula?

A postpartum doula works with families in preparing for and during the postpartum period providing them with emotional, physical and informational support. A doula is the support person to guide you through the transitions of pregnancy to motherhood. 


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Who needs a postpartum doula?

Everyone that has a baby needs one. I have never heard someone day ” I really have too much support” when a new baby arrives. We all need the unwavering support of someone and it’s often not your partner. A lot of mothers are disappointed by the support they get from their partner or they may have ALOT of family support but that may come with it’s own complications of unwarranted parenting advice and judgement. A doula offers support without the judgement. They are there to support you to parent how you want to parent.  A doula has trained specifically in the phase of life you are in so deeply understands how you might be feeling. 

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When do you find a postpartum doula?

If you have a particular doula in mind, contact them once you’re pregnant. Send a message with your location, due date, the kind of support you would like. If your doula responds and you don’t think they are the right fit, tell them. As a courtesy, let them know you have found other support or you are going to keep your options open. Don’t ghost them. When a doula answered your message, they looked at their availability and perhaps spent some time figuring the logistics of how to support you, they may have someone else enquiring for the same time and are waiting for a response from you. Please be respectful of their time. 

Most doula’s are booked 6 months in advance. But if you are very pregnant and are looking for some support, reach out to your local doula and if she isn’t available she’ll happily refer you to another recommended doula. It’s a good idea to meet with your doula before you sign a doula contract, it’s important that you feel like she’s your kind of person. Your doula should make you feel comfortable and supported. It’s also good to be upfront about what kind of help you envisage you’ll need and if your doula can support you. For example, if you wanted to consider overnight doula support when your baby comes your chosen doula may not routinely provide this service. Another good example of this is housework, some doula’s are happy to help with some light housework however many do not. They would however help in putting some other resources in place such as a cleaner to assist. 

Are they expensive? 

I believe there is a doula for most budgets. As a guide a doula can cost between $40-60+ per hours. Some doula’s invoice after a visit where as I create a purchase link before my visit. Most doula’s offer packages as well as shorter term support. 

Please don’t attempt to negotiate cost with your doula. It is ok if the service is outside of your budget but there are people that think doula’s work for free. We love our jobs but they still have to pay our bills. 

Are all doula’s postpartum doula’s?

 Nope, all doulas have specialty areas. Some doula’s support throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum and some only birth or postpartum. Doula’s are available in most life phases including fertility, loss and trauma support. 

What does a typical doula visit look like? 

Well, I’ve never had two visits the same. But there are things that i make sure I do EVERY visit. 

1. Bring Mom a drink, fill her water bottle or make a cuppa.

2.Ask if there is anything specifically she wants me to do to help. 

3. Ask Mom if she’s eaten. I’ll grab a snack or hold baby while Mom makes herself something to eat. 

4.Offer to hold baby while Mom showers or rests. 

5. Tell Mom she’s doing a great job. Not because I feel I should but because I am constantly amazed by a mothers adaptibilty and resilience. 

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Looking for a postpartum doula in Brisbane? 

Janet The Birthplace Doula serves Brisbane & Surrounds for pregnancy, birth and postpartum support. With a background in lactation support, babywearing, perinatal mental health and counselling Janet will help you prepare for a happy and relaxed arrival of your baby. 

The Birthplace Doula Website – Send me a message


brisbane doula

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